CatPub :: The Pulse of your Publication

CatPub is a force multiplier that gives you the pulse of your publication - sales, clients, cash inflows, news desk, circulation and print/pre-press on a real time basis so that you can take vital decisions without any delay, thereby increasing your efficiency, reliability & profitability. By using CatPub, you can match the services offered to agencies/clients by the biggest publishers in the world, which use software & hardware to the tune of crores of rupees, at a fraction of the cost.

The Sales+ module of CatPub comprise four  sub modules - Display Advertisement Booking, CRM, Classifieds  and Competitive Analysis. 

The Display Advertisement Booking engine has a Graphical User Interface that allows users to define the size of display advertisements they wish to book, the publications, editions and dates on which they wish to release their advertisement, pages as well as the location on the page where the advertisement should appear. The GUI allows users to move their advertisement within the page before finalizing and locking the advertisement's position. Once the booking process is complete, the system blocks the space in real time and no other advertisement can be booked in any overlapping space. The system also shows all options available with costs, allows multi level discounts and offers, helps in up-selling, automates all calculations and prevents errors and can be configured to work with virtually any customised tariff system.

Sales+ of CatPub includes a powerful CRM system that helps users track all their Agencies and Clients and provides not only contact and other details but also reports and graphs on the business generated from them, credit, payment delays and defaults and other such valuable information.

The current version of CatPub includes a Classified Advertisement Booking Information System that allows users to enter the head, number of words and revenue as well as the publication, edition and date of classifieds that have been sold. This information is used not only for tracking the revenue from Classifieds, but also the space sold, thereby helping in the page making activity.

It is equally necessary to track the sales of competitors as well as ones own publication so CatPub Sales+ includes a Competitive Analysis engine that allows input of the agency, clients, size, page, publication and edition details of competitive publications. This then allows generation of a number of tabular and graphical reports that provide deep sales and marketing insights.

The Editorial system for newspapers and magazines - Edit+ streamlines the assignment, submission, editing and allocation of articles and news items in a simple and easy to use manner. Edit+ allows Editors/Sub-Editors not only to seamlessly track the content of the publication but also allows them the flexibilty to work from any location, thereby optimizing their productivity.The system also tracks the Advertisement to Editorial ratio as well as the Own Stories to Agency Stories ratio.

The Dist+ module of CatPub makes tracking circulation figures - both revenue as well as number of copies sold, of all your publications, a breeze. The system monitors distributors, their off-take and generates automatic alerts when credit limits are approached. Direct subscribers can also be kept track off through Dist+. The system generates in-depth reports on circulation related data and can provide valuable inputs to management.

With a combination of useful reports and user friendly layout tools, the PrePress+ module of CatPub enhances the productivity of the pre-press team. From tracking artwork of display advertisements, easily incorporating last minute changes in layout, providing real time information on the allocation of stories as well as advertisements to pages to generating the print dummy with a single click, PrePress+ does it all.

Through it various modules, CatPub tracks the revenue streams from display advertisements, classifieds and circulation. From segment-wise revenues, overdue collections to project inflows, all data is brought together in an intuitive manner in Fin+ and vital financial information, in tabular as well as graphical formats with drill down facility, is available at the click of a mouse button.

The MIS module of CatPub focuses the attention of the management on all the critical areas of the publications and with the help of intuitive graphics and tables with deep drill down capabilities, provides essential data in an easy to understand way. Instead of having to go through a large number of reports, the comprehensive dashboard provides information at a glance enabling quick and efficient decision making.