About Us

At Catalyst IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (CITSPL), our repository of knowledge on the various aspects of management, and an in-depth understanding of the communication and management needs of small, medium and large organizations helps our team of committed IT professionals with highly specialized skills create innovative, economic and efficient web and software applications that create value and generate visible savings for our clients.

Starting from the first website in 1997, CITSPL began by helping government, public sector, private sector and non governmental organizations in establishing their web presence. Today, not only have we gathered a wealth of experience in diverse areas such as Travel & Tourism, Power, Infrastructure development, Railways, News & Media, Art & Culture and the Social sector among others, we are providing solutions in areas such as Process Automation, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Direct Marketing Programmes, Customer Relationship and Client Loyalty Management, HR & Payroll systems, as well as integrated ERP systems for clients in News & Media, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Education and Services sectors. We also provide back office services to offshore clients both in terms of development as well as IT enabled Services.


As in any service organization, the true assets are the people.  At CITSPL, our belief is that happy employees make for the best partners and a work place that encourages innovation and the motivation to create solutions that amaze and delight clients. The management is headed by C Chandra Shekhar a graduate from XIMB and the development team consists of a mix of engineers and MCA’s. While we get a number of requests to join our team, we select only those who have a desire to learn and excel in whatever they do. This is probably why our alumni can be found in almost all the leading IT companies in India!

Work Culture

At CITSPL, we encourage ownership - of solutions, of workspaces and of the organization itself, and even things like the yearly holiday list is decided by consensus. This translates into an atmosphere which fosters a sense of belonging. The other area where we pay particular attention to is learning. Every member of the organization is encouraged, not just to put what they already know to practice, but also add value to themselves through innovation and research. We understand that mistakes may be made, but we ensure that every mistake is treated as a learning opportunity. While this value addition does lead to attrition (who can resist a huge increase in salary?), we never stand in the way of employees growth, even if it is outside CITSPL. While we conduct periodic evaluations and reviews that are used to determine raises, being a small organization and thereby not burdened by a large bureaucracy and inflexible systems, rewards for good work are often immediate!