Looking for an opening at CITSPL? As we grow, so have our career opportunities. We’ve developed a culture that rewards result-oriented professionals; those who have the vision to see the road ahead and the ambition to plot its course. Are you ready to map out a new future? Explore what CITSPL has to offer. Why CITSPL? Five reasons why CITSPL is your ideal career destination:

  • Focus: We focus on our employee's personal and professional growth. Unlike large bureaucratic organizations, CITSPL provides an invigorating atmosphere where your growth is of paramount importance. We believe that our growth is dependent upon yours and we provide all the facilities you will need to shine.
  • Flexibility: Our objective is to provide solutions to our clients and in doing so, you have the flexibility to chart your own path - you choose your working time, holidays etc.
  • Fun: We are passionate in our belief that we should enjoy whatever we do - and if you don't enjoy your job, you should be doing something else! This translates into an office atmosphere which is filled with joy and friendliness.
  • Learning: We are constantly learning, and we encourage all employees to expand their skill sets and add value to their existing knowledge on a continuous basis.
  • Opportunity: We're blazing trails through the wide world of Information Technology like no one else. Join our team and work with the latest technology, gaining expertise along the way.

One fall out of our culture is that our employees are highly sought after by larger firms - our ex-employees can be found in almost all the major IT companies in India and abroad! While we encourage our employees to do well in life, we are almost constantly on the look out for the right type of persons to join our team. What do you need to be a part of the CITSPL Team? We are one of the few organizations today that does not look at your degree. But whether you are a fresher or have years of experience, there are a few things we do insist upon.

  • Integrity is very important to us. Our work often involves sensitive data belonging to clients and we have zero tolerance for information leaks.
  • A passion for learning. We are in the business of providing solutions and it is only through constant learning that we can innovate. We are forever exploring new technologies and systems and you can fit in only if you also function the same way.
  • A problem solving attitude. Once again, as a solutions provider, we look for persons who find answers and treat every problem as an opportunity to learn.
CITSPL is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer, and we're committed to hiring a diverse and talented workforce.