Online Ore Requisition System

Information on customer's requirements plays a major role not only in the sales and marketing divisions, but also for production planning. This is especially true for organizations dealing in minerals and ores as shortages or gluts can effect not just the organization and its clients, but the economy of the entire nation. The Online Ore Requisition System developed for the Odisha Mining Corporation Ltd. not only allows its clients to confirm their ore requirements in advance, but also has comprehensive reports that help the Corporation in planning their mining activities well in advance.

The system allows buyers to register themselves, place requirements and track the status of their requirements. The Sales & Marketing users can vet buyers before activating their registration, approve or disapprove their requisition and once approved, mark which mine was used to fulfill the requirement. All this data is tracked automatically and senior management is provided with comprehensive dashboards that enable to get real time information on buyers and requisitions, both pending as well as fulfilled. The system also helps in preparing the production plans for individual mines based upon the requisitions received for the ores mined there