RLMS :: Relief Logistics Management System

Dealing with any natural or man made disaster is very difficult, both for those who are affected directly by the disaster as well as those who are tasked with providing relief to the victims. Almost immediately after the disaster, relief materials start to arrive, and if not managed properly, it can lead to a logistic nightmare with the supplies not reaching those who need it the most or rotting away due to delays is despatch. The Relief Logistics Management System was developed as a pro bono contribution after the cyclone Phailin to aid in the receipt, tracking and despatch of relief materials sent to the victims.

The nerve centre of the relief effort was at the Kalinga Stadium where all the relief materials, loaded on trucks, were received. Once it arrived at the stadium, the material received was entered into the system and this information was immediately available to the CMD of IDCO who was leading the logistics team. The CMD could see on his dashboard all the materials available, truck wise, and depending upon the requirements sent by the Collectors of the affected districts, could despatch trucks. Once the CMD decided which material was to to be sent to which district, the system automatically generated convoys and printed out the details of the convoy as well as the challans for the convoy and the banners and individual challans for each truck in the convoy. The system also has the capability to enter the confirmation of the receipt of the materials by the consignees.