EkonoERP :: Solutions for the MSME Sector

Designed from the bottom up for Small and Medium Enterprises, EkonoERP, a browser based enterprise application, is the ideal entry point for SME's.

EkonoERP is not a one size fits all system. We believe that different industries and different organizations have their own unique requirements and this is why EkonoERP has been designed as the solid framework, around which the customized components can be fitted.

The core system consists of the Production Module, Purchase Module, Stores Module, Sales Module and the GST compliant Finance Module. These modules are tightly integrated thus a sales order is automatically reflected in the Finance Module, triggers a check of the items in the stores or, if not available, required raw materials for production, generate PO's for purchase of raw materials, tracks receipt of materials in the store and issue towards production, schedules the production, receipt of finished goods in the store, tracks wastage and the despatch of the finished goods.

With a plethora of intuitive, drill down reports, EkonoERP acts as a Management Information System as well as an efficient Decision Support System. Due to its robust nature, any number of additional modules may be added such as HR, Payroll, Machine Maintenance, Marketing, Quality etc.

As CatERP is designed for SME's, it runs on a local Windows web server and has been designed for access even on low cost Android tablets as well as on PC's without any need for installation.

Keeping in mind the dearth of skilled manpower, EkonoERP has been designed to be very user friendly, with simple screens that can used easily by even those working on the shop floor.

To know more about EkonoERP and how it can help you, please write to us at info@citspl.com.