WebApps & e-Commerce

Unlike a few years ago, most of the applications developed today are browser based and run on web servers - not necessarily on the Internet. Not only does this eliminate the need of installing applications on every system where they need to be accessed, it also allows access to the data from non local networks whenever required. The added advantage is that since the processing is done on the server, the systems used to access the application could be lighter on specifications and cost. 

We have created web applications ranging from back ends for direct marketing programmes for organizations like CISCO, Microsoft, ESPN etc., to innovative ideas from startups in a variety of domains including B2B marketplaces for Marketing & Advertising Agencies, Film and Theatre related professionals, low end job seekers among others.

In addition to WebApps, we also provide e-Commerce solutions that are robust, efficient and economical to boot! These solutions are built upon dependable Content Management Systems that enable a single interface to manage both the website as well as the e-commerce platform thereby making the entire web presence very easy to manage.

All out web applications, e-commerce and web presence solutions are built mobile ready and automatically scale up or down depending upon the device upon which they are being accessed.