Over the years, interacting with and providing solutions to various clients, we have developed our own strengths in some industry verticals and are in a position to offer Innovative, Efficient and Economical solutions to organizations in these areas. Of course, this is not to say that we do not serve other industries, but as we have already developed and implemented solutions in these areas, we can get off the mark quicker.

  • News & Media
  • Hospitality
  • Railways
  • e-Governance
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Small Business
  • Direct Marketing

We began by creating websites for newspapers where a selected number of stories would be uploaded. Today, we have solutions that encompass websites and Mobile Apps as well integrated enterprise solutions that range from real time display advertisement booking to circulation & distribution, news desk automation, finance and prepress.
Websites for newspapers
Websites for news agencies
Mobile Apps
EkonoPub :: The Pulse of Your Publication

Our entry into the hospitality sector began with our portal for Orissa Tourism -, that is even today among the top results on Google for Orissa.
From simple brochure websites for hotels, we now offer room booking portals, mobile websites, mobile apps, CRM applications and property management solutions.
Websites & Mobile Websites
Mobile Apps
CRM applications
EkonoPMS :: Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

The Indian Railways is a mammoth organization with some very unique needs. As a solution provider for East Coast Railways, we have been privileged to offer innovative, efficient and economical solutions to a range of issues from automating the application and issue of passes, to recording, tracking and reporting of unsatisfactory's raised by drivers, keeping a check on warranty's of equipment and creation, approval, tracking and closure/upgrading of audit documents.

We have been privileged to offer several e-governance solutions to our clients in the government and public sector ranging from online application, online payment of fees and online issue of admit cards for the Railway Recruitment Board, Bhubaneswar, grievance handling mechanisms, ore requisitions systems and case tracking systems among others.
Grievance Handling System
Online Ore Requisition System
Case Tracking System
Online Application System with integrated Online Payment System
Online Call Letter Generation System

We have created innovative, efficient and economical solutions for harnessing the power of the Internet to aid learning, conduct online examinations, apply for courses online, reaching out to alumni, students and parents through web portals. We are also creating ERP solutions for running educational institutions.
Alumni Portals
e-Learning systems
Online Examination systems
Online Application systems

While large organizations can afford expensive ERP systems, it is the small and medium manufacturing enterprises that need, and can benefit the most from enterprise solutions that can help them run their business. We have created innovative, efficient and economical ERP solutions targeted at small and medium enterprises that are both easy to use as well as to deploy and run. We also help entrepreneurs in catering to global markets through e-commerce solutions.
Corporate websites
e-commerce websites

The mobile revolution can bring the benefits of Information Technology to those that need it the most - the small businesses that start as vendors and graduate to small shops. We provide solutions that help these vulnerable sections to take the first steps towards financial literacy and then harness the power of IT and financial information to grow their businesses.

Being able to reach your client with the least cost and minimum number of intermediaries is the objective of most companies. When an effective Marketing/Advertising campaign is coupled with Information Technology, innovative and path breaking solutions can emerge that have the capability of achieving paradigm shifts in the industry. We have been providing IT based backend solutions to campaigns ranging from simple to highly complicated that are highly efficient and at the same time very economical.
Product launches
Program monitoring
Event registration
Contest & competition