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We pride ourselves on our processes and make sure that every project that we undertake follows the same rigorous standards. This obsession with policies and methods ensures that each solution, however small or big it may be, is Innovative, Efficient, and Economical!
  • 1Robust System Analysis
  • 2Efficient Developer Time Estimation
  • 3Prepared for requirement changes
  • 4Rigorous testing
  • 5Deployment planning
  • 6Detailed Documentation
  • 7User training
  • 8Dedicated support


Here are some of the custom applications that we have developed for our clients.


Every Railway employee is entitled free passes for travel with family. e-Pass not only automates the application, issue, tracking and printing of passes on existing stationery, it also builds up a database of preferred routes, approved routes and other pass related data, thereby making the process quicker and user friendly. e-Pass also ensures automatic tracking of money value stationery and red flag's issue of passes on routes that do not confirm to regulations.

Client: East Coast Railway

Grievance Handling System

A truly responsive organization is one that provides an easy and user friendly means for its stakeholders to lodge grievances and ensures that they are resolved to the satisfaction of all parties as soon as possible. The Grievance Handling System developed by us for the Odisha Infrastructure Development Corporation (IDCO) does precisely that. With a one to many and many to one officer matrix and unlimited mark downs, the system ensures that the grievance is marked to the correct person and tracks all interactions and actions taken on the grievance from the time it is lodged till its resolution. GHS also has a variety of reports that help senior officers keep abreast of all the grievances at all times, in real time.

Client: Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (IDCO)


As a central government organization, East Coast Railway is subject to audit by the CAG. e-Audit automates the entire process starting from the creation of the audit document, its vetting and approval, dispatch to the FA&CAO, marking to the relevant executives, receipt of replies by Railway Accounts Audit, forwarding of replies to the Audit department, rejoinders, reminders, acceptance of replies & closure as well a upgrading of documents either in full or for particular para's only. In addition to the transaction automation, e-Audit provides a plethora of reports for both the Audit and Accounts officers enabling them to monitor each and every Audit document, thereby eliminating delays and oversights.

Client: East Coast Railway

Relief Logistics Management System

Dealing with any natural or man made disaster is very difficult, both for those who are affected directly by the disaster as well as those who are tasked with providing relief to the victims. Almost immediately after the disaster, relief materials start to arrive, and if not managed properly, it can lead to a logistic nightmare with the supplies not reaching those who need it the most or rotting away due to delays in dispatch. The Relief Logistics Management System was developed as a pro bono contribution after the cyclone Phailin to aid in the receipt, tracking and dispatch of relief materials sent to the victims.

Client: Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (IDCO) [Pro bono]

Driver Unsatisfactory Management System

An important component of safety in Indian Railways are the Unsatisfactory's that are reported by drivers as they log off from duty. Using a combination of web based software and SMS through mobile phones, DRUMS or Driver Unsatisfactory Management System provides and unique and innovative system to log, assign, track, escalate and report on these unsatisfactory's. Once a USF (Unsatisfactory) is entered into the system by the Crew Controller, the system automatically sends an SMS with details of the USF to the concerned engineer of the block section where the USF was reported. The uniqueness of DRUMS is that it allows the Engineer to respond to the USF using SMS alone. DRUMS includes a robust reporting system that allows senior officers to monitor all the USF's in the entire Zone with a number of graphical and tabular reports that can drill down to the level of individual USF's.

Client: East Coast Railway

Warranty Failure Management System

Any large engineering enterprise has a number of equipment that are provided by third parties. Monitoring the failure of these equipment within their warranty as well as the response of the vendor's timeliness are essential to the productivity of the entire organization and also provides valuable inputs at the time of placing new orders. the Warranty Failure Management System developed by us for the Electrical Department of the East Coast Railways does essentially this in an easy and user friendly manner, with a number of insightful reports.

Client: East Coast Railway

Online Ore Requisition System

Information on customer's requirements plays a major role not only in the sales and marketing divisions, but also for production planning. This is especially true for organizations dealing in minerals and ores as shortages or gluts can effect not just the organization and its clients, but the economy of the entire nation. The Online Ore Requisition System developed for the Odisha Mining Corporation Ltd. not only allows its clients to confirm their ore requirements in advance, but also has comprehensive reports that help the Corporation in planning their mining activities well in advance.

Client: Odisha Mining Corporation Ltd.